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Kate Tower

Owner, Nutritional Counsellor & Personal Trainer

Kate Tower is a Certified Nutritional Counsellor, Personal Trainer and Owner of Tower Nutrition. With a background in a multi-disciplinary clinic setting and a passion for health, she started her business to bring a positive, natural approach to health and wellness.

Kate offers a wide variety of services and has experience with many different types of clientele. Having worked in a previous clinical setting she has experience with clients of all ages from childhood through to adulthood. Her nutritional counselling services include consultations, lifestyle management sessions, meal planning, weight loss/gain plans, lunch & learn programs and much more. As a Personal Trainer, Kate has worked with clients from beginner to advanced athletes looking to improve overall functional abilities and/or athletic specific goals. Individual, small group and team training services are among some of the options available.

Kate takes pride in knowing that every client who walks through her doors will receive the best care available. Seeing clients improve their health and wellness is her first priority!

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